Set Decoration / Art Direction

Rio Muerto

This independent short film was about a mysterious sickness that over took a town along the highway. The brief was to make the town look as if it was recently inhabited, as if life was turned off like a flip of a switch. I achieved this by creating a large welcoming banner you'd see in a town's parade, placing a lone balloon hovering dramatically near a group of fallen towns folk, and naturalistic styling of the interiors and exteriors.

Days that Shook the World - OK Corral

For this project my job was to decorate sets as they would have appeared in the western part of the United States circa 1881. The story was the legendary gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. Under the art direction of Helen Brighton, I decorated a butcher shop, two different saloons, a porch, a gun shop and a home. This was a production of the BBC and was shot on a very low budget. I successfully achieved a period look by staging each area utilizing both rental items and pieces from my own extensive antique collection.